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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Manny Pacquiao-Ricky Hatton Analysis: It Will Be a Hell of a Fight

While Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao is enjoying the fruit of his hard labor in the Philippines with friends and family, talks are now looming that Ricky "Hitman" Hatton would likely end up as the next foe of the Filipino Pound-For-Pound king.

With the absence of Floyd Mayweather, recent report disclosed that sometime in early May next year, Pacman and Hatton will definitely square off. That means Hatton wish for a crack with the Filipino Superstar will be granted.

Pacquiao-Hatton will be a great fight because of the explosiveness of these two fighters in the ring. Hatton is known for his all-the-way boxing style. He loves to attack the body and throws lots of wild punches on his opponent. He is also a quick puncher and has good footwork. He is a brawler.

However, this type of style is an advantage for Pacquiao. Therefore, I conclude that Hattons fighting style is tailor made for the Pacman. We saw several fights of Hatton, where obviously he applied pressure on his opponent by hugging and leaning especially if he catches his opponent on the corner.

Hatton's punches sometimes comes from the outside and he has a rotten defense on his armor. If the Hitman's style will not change come fight night, then I foresee another stoppage in the early or late rounds.

Pacquiao is now a complete fighter, with different fighting style every time he climbs up the ring. He continues to improve his speed and power and his stamina is doesn't fade despite unleashing several combinations in the early rounds. He is a machine with good defensive skills.

Pacquiao will withstand the power of Hatton, because the Pacman has already proved his tough chin against bigger opponents such as David Diaz, and recent victim Oscar dela Hoya. Lateral movements will bother Hatton where he will lose his patience in the late rounds for failing to connect damaging blows against the pound-for-pound king.

We saw this when he faced Mayweather, he became careless in the late rounds after he was not able to subdue the Pretty Boy in the earlier rounds.

Against his fight with Malignaggi, Hatton failed to finish his opponent despite connecting clear punches. Malignaggi quits in the 11th round, not because he was battered heavily by Hatton, but it's because he refused to use both his hands and relied more on his jab, which irked his coach and prompted the stoppage. Malignaggi was fighting one handed against a two handed opponent, but despite of that the Magic Man did not go down.

Now, Pacquiao loves to use the four square jungle, and has an accurate and powerful shot. He shoots like an expert dart master, connecting bull’s eye. Hatton style will definitely fit the pound-for-pound king and I’ll tell you come fight night it will be a hell of a fight, but there’s a saying that "Heaven will prevail over Hell." You get me?


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