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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pacquiao vs. Hatton: The Best Dancer will Win

In the fortcoming boxing fight between Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines and Ricky Hatton of England, both fighters are expected to dance in the ring but whoever dances best is predicted to win the match
Lee Beard, the other trainer of British boxer Ricky Hatton told Telegraph sports yesterday that Pacquiao will go down in six rounds, reports.

‘Manny makes some massive errors and he is very repetitive in some of his movements and with certain punches and the way he throws them’ Lee Beard said.

Beard may be right in his prediction. But it can only happen if Manny Pacquiao forgets to dance alone and refuse to waltz with Hatton in the early rounds.

Hatton will definitely bulldoze Pacquiao starting straight from the very first round and if Pacquiao is caught relaxing, Lee Beard’s prediction may just come true.

Pacquiao must be extra careful especially in the first few rounds as Hatton will, without hesitation, jump to his front yard at the first opportunity. Hatton is a good runner and he will run full speed ahead to catch Pacquiao and deliver his vaunted power shot. And if Pacquiao remains stationary, he will succumb to Hatton’s speed and power punches.

Dancing is the name of the game in the coming Pacquiao-Hatton match. Both boxers are noted for their speed and power punches. It is now therefore a question of who is more speedy and powerful. And who of them does this with some measure of luck, becomes the winner by knock out.

If the rounds go past six, it becomes another story altogether. Manny’s boxing fans predict that Pacquiao will have the advantage of winning either by knock out or majority decision. They premise their prediction on the fact that Pacquaio has more stamina than Hatton.

Boxing fans of Manny Pacquiao especially those who watch him train at the Wild Card gym, observed that Pacquiao seems to gain more strength in the later rounds. This observation can also be validated by the latest Pacquiao fights that go the distance. Pacquiao has always maintained his poise even in the last two rounds of his most recent fights that went the distance.

Although Hatton has shown stamina in his last duel with Paulie Malignaggi, he has since indulged in non-stop eating and drinking including frequent night outs and partying, according to various sports articles.

His fans in England have called on him to slow down on his drinking habit but he said he won’t stop. His non-stop celebration after winning over Malignaggi might just take its toll on his health that could cause his downfall starting with his duel with Manny Pacquiao on May 2, 2009 at the MGM Grand garden arena in Las Vegas Nevada.


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