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Friday, March 6, 2009

'Stronger Hatton will beat Pacquiao to a pulp'

MANILA, Philippines – Celebrated trainer Floyd Mayweather, Sr. has this stern warning to Manny Pacquiao: Get ready for some beating.

Speaking before the worldwide media in a teleconference on Wednesday (Thursday morning in Manila), Mayweather said a shameful knockout loss is inevitable for Pacquaio when he clashes with his ward, Ricky Hatton on May 2.

His reason: They are the best fighter-trainer tandem out there and they’ve got everything spelled out for a convincing victory.

“I’ve got the best fighter and I am the best trainer. That’s the reason right there. I am the best and he is the best. Everything is mapped out. Ricky is trying to be nice, but it’s a simple fact that we’re gonna bust his (Pacquiao’s) ass up. Simple as that," Mayweather was quoted by

He said Hatton’s tremendous power and strength will be too much for the Filipino pound for pound king to bear.

“I think Ricky has a very, very good chance of knocking Pacquiao out. I think a knockout is going to be more likely than anything. Ricky’s chances are very great at that. This ain’t no dehydrated Oscar de la Hoya Pacquiao is fighting now. He is fighting with a man that has real strength. A guy that can keep pressure on him, smart pressure, head movement, jabbing on the way in, banging through the body, banging through the head and smothering him at the same time. It’s going to be hard for him to deal with," he said.

Mayweather’s prediction runs counter to that of his rival over the other camp, Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach, who projected a late-round KO ending as well, although with Pacquiao as the victor. Roach had said that Hatton’s come-forward nature will eventually spell his doom against the Pac Man.

But Mayweather shrugged off Roach’s analysis, laughing off at the latter’s capabilities as a trainer.

“Trust me, Freddie is a joke Coach Roach wouldn’t dare to approach. Believe me you will find that out. I will be honest with you, that’s a bunch of nonsense. They’ve got him in the Hall of Fame, he should be in the Hall of Shame. Let’s tell the truth like it is. You see Freddie Roach train, and you see me train, it’s night and day. It doesn’t even compare. Doesn’t even come close. I mean let’s be real. Tell the truth. Freddie Roach is a joke. And that’s what I say. That’s why his name is Freddie the joke Coach Roach," Floyd Sr. said.

The hatred and lack of respect are apparently mutual.

In an earlier interview in London, Roach had his turn in belittling Mayweather Sr.

"What has Floyd Senior achieved?," demanded Roach. "His son (retired pound for pound champ Floyd Jr.) is a natural born fighter - he was born to fight. His brother Roger trained him anyway, he never trained his son for a world title fight. Let's face it, he's not the trainer of his son. You know, he [Mayweather Sr.] tells me he's the greatest, but what has he done, who has he trained? He trained Oscar De La Hoya after Oscar had won four world titles, already!"

The Mayweather Sr.-Roach rivalry serves as an interesting sidelight to “The Battle of East and West" International Boxing Organization world junior welterweight fight between their respective wards. –GMANews.TV


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