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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

'Pacquiao's southpaw stance to frustrate Hatton'

Just like what happened in the Oscar de la Hoya fight, Manny Pacquiao's southpaw stance could be his key edge against UK’s toughie Ricky Hatton.

In a recent article written by Gary Todd of, one of the weaknesses he pointed out about Hatton is his difficulty in handling left-handed fighters.

Todd said the reigning International Boxing Organization (IBO) light welterweight champ had problems against former champions Juan Urango, Eamonn Magee, and Luis Collazo. All of them are left handed.

Although Hatton won over the three, he had a more difficult time since he won via unanimous decisions, unlike most of his knockout victories.

Hatton absorbed the first knockdown of his career in the hands of Magee after only one minute of the fight in the first round.

Todd said this is an indication of how Pacquiao should handle Hatton.

“If Pacquiao is going to win, he has to jab and move, doubling up and hit Hatton with fast combinations, while moving to his right,” Todd said in his article.

He added that Pacquiao should stay off the ropes to avoid being cornered by Hatton.

“If he can do that, then he should frustrate Hatton into opening up and make mistakes until he eventually breaks him down mentally, then physically,” said Todd.

If Pacquiao could do all these, Todd said the Filipino fighter could come out the winner in the latter rounds.

Pacquiao used the same advantage over de la Hoya, whom Top Rank chief Bob Arum said has problems with left-handed fighters.

“Oscar, as I said time and time again, always has problems with left handers. His entire career he's only fought two southpaws (three, including Pacquiao). One was [Hector] Camacho… and [Pernell] Whitaker,” Arum had said.


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