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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Freddie Roach Is Cautious With Ricky Hatton, Warns of a War

Just recently, we witnessed one of the greatest all-time fighters being taught a lesson by a new pound for pound king. Oscar was mercifully beaten by Manny and had nothing to offer in return in the ring.

Nobody thought that this was the way the fight would go. Sure, there were people who believed that Pacman would win this fight, but I don’t believe that people could have predicted what went down that night.

Now, after such a great performance, there are multiple options open for Manny. Out of all those great fighters he could face, Hatton seems to be the clear choice. The deal is almost done, the fans have been notified, and the media is ready with their cameras and microphones.

So what does this fight mean? What kind of performance can you expect from Pacman? Will he do to Hatton what he was able to do to Oscar?

Freddie Roach says no! In a recent interview, Freddie stated that Hatton is a very dangerous fighter. He said that he was very confident in the Oscar fight, but not as confident in the Hatton fight. He warned that Hatton will “dish out a better performance than Oscar.”

“Pacquiao needs to train for at least eight weeks at his Wild Card Gym in Hollywood to be in top shape for Hatton, who is also a slugger and puncher,” he said. Roach also mentions that Hatton is a “tremendous body puncher.”

Freddie must know what he is talking about. I have heard him say nice things about other fighters, but never something of this proportion. I think that now that he's gotten Manny to the very top of the game, he is much more cautious about the fighters he does not know. Underestimating a fighter like Ricky can be very fatal to someone’s gameplan.

In my personal opinion, I think that Hatton can win this fight. He is a very active fighter with great stamina. He will trade with Manny, and I’m not so sure that Manny would win that trade-off. Hatton has energy and power to back Manny off. It’s a very dangerous fight for both fighters, and I think that one has as much to gain as the other to lose.


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