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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Manny Pacquiao Will KO Ricky Hatton In Round 10

Again the battle of trash talking is starting to heat up the tube and all boxing fan be it loyal or just ordinary fans of Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton, are the perpetrators.

The fight is still four months away but as of press time things are getting ablaze with furious supplications, comments and opinions leading to the proposed May battle between the Pacman and the Hitman.

As boxing enthusiasts and keen observer, i am exercising my right to join the forum by imparting my analysis on this upcoming rumble in the four square jungle.

After discreetly scrutinizing the fighting style of the Brit fighter (Hatton) and the style of the Filipino icon, I therefore see a stoppage on the late round and most probably in the 10th round.

As i've wrote on my previous article, Hatton's non-stop fighting style is a tailor made for the Pacman. Look in Hatton's previous fights, i noted that the Hitman was the aggressor attacking his opponents non-stop that includes his fight against Floyd Mayweather, but again what bothers me was his defense.

He is a good offensive fighter, but again i reiterate he has a rot defense particularly in the late rounds. He goes forward with arms wide open.

In his fight against Malignaggi, last year i saw Hatton unleashing haymakers in the late rounds not minding tightening his defense, fortunately the Magic Man , was a one handed fighter that night, otherwise he would end up kissing the canvass like what had happened to him in his fight against Mayweather.

Pacquiao on the other hand is good fighter both offensive and defensive. In his last two fights against David Diaz and Oscar dela Hoya, Pacquiao was too elusive that gave his opponents difficulties for their targets. Lateral movement brought by his speed gave him that kind of reposition.

With his speed Pacquiao could surface from different angles, thus he is not easily to be cornered. Dela Hoya, was not able to drag Manny in the ring's corner that's why he was not able to unleash his favorite combinations that used to knocked out opponents.

Hatton loves to bully his opponent to the corner then figure in an arm wrestling same he did to Mayweather and Malignaggi, but this tactics would not prevail on Pacquiao. Manny will intend to again rely on his lateral movement but what makes good about the Pacman is that he has a tendency of moving to different angles then abruptly attack his opponent with powerful left and right combinations.

So come fight night, is see a stoppage in the late rounds most probably in the 10th, because Pacquiao loves to take down his opponent in the late rounds. It's up to you whether you conform or not. Many disagree with me when i foresee dela Hoya will get TKO in late rounds, last December, but i proved them wrong. So make your analysis, make your comments after all I’m living in a democratic country! Noning R. Antonio


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