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Friday, January 23, 2009

It's Still Pacquiao-Hatton on May 2! It's a Work in Process

The fight is's final...

After hearing, reading, and inhaling a lot of buzz from a proposed megafight featuring Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines against Ricky Hatton of England. News burst out that the fight has been canceled.

Pacquiao, insisting on a bigger share of the purse, has not yet signed the contract (that was due last Wednesday) as of this moment and still firm on his stand.

Hatton, on the other hand, wants an equal or at least close to equal share of the revenues.

As soon as Pacquiao demolished Oscar De La Hoya last December, negotiations started to build-up for a Pacquiao-Hatton Megafight. They've agreed on all terms but one: the sharing of the purse. Money talks.

It's been a tough negotiation process and Richard Schaefer seemed to lose his cool calling Pacquiao as "spoiled, young kid."

The fight is off and I instructed [tour manager] Kelly Swanson to cancel the tour," said Schaefer, clearly upset. "It's off and we are now pursuing our other options. That's it"

Well, after all that breakdowns. Allow me to have my fearless forecast, It's worth risking all credibility left in me.

Don't worry Schaefer, you'll have a contract as soon as Bob Arum starts doing his magic tricks in a meeting with the Filipino.

Arum as reported by will visit the Philippines to have a round table meeting with Pacquiao some time next week.

Logic seems to suggest that there's no other option for both fighters other than to fight each other, and they won't earn a guaranteed $12 million elsewhere. Again, money talks.

Plain and simple...


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