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Monday, May 4, 2009

Freddie Roach Talks to 8CountNews on Pacquiao Destruction Over Hatton!

8CountNews caught up with Freddie Roach as he was driving across the desert back to Los Angeles. Roach gives us his thoughts on Manny Pacquiao's knockout victory over Ricky Hatton. Freddie is is extremely happy with Manny's performance, and says that Manny executed the game-plan to perfection. Freddie also comments on Floyd Mayweather Sr, and what was said between the two after the fight. One thing is for certain, Manny and team Pacquiao wont be waiting on Floyd Mayweather Jr to make his next move. Roach says that they are the one's on top, and that they will dictate what happens with Manny next, and nobody else. Don't miss what else the most famous fight trainer in the world today had to say, in this exclusive podcast! caught up with famed fight trainer Freddie Roach as he was driving across the desert back to Los Angeles. Roach tells 8CN that he is very pleased with Manny's performance, and looks for Manny to return to the ring in November or December. Roach also makes it clear that he doesn't like Floyd Mayweather Sr, and tells us what he had to say to him after the fight. Check out what else the most famous fight trainer in the world had to say, only on 8CountNews!

BC – Freddie you're on the way back to Los Angeles from Las Vegas at this very moment. Give us your thoughts on Manny's performance.

FR – He had a great performance. We had a good game plan going into this, and we knew Ricky Hatton well. I told Manny if he didn't knock him out within 3 rounds that I would be disappointed, and everything worked out perfectly.

BC – Were you at all surprised by how ineffective Ricky Hatton was?

FR – He made fundamental mistakes. Me and Michael watched tapes together, we knew that he was very subject to a left hook. The final punch was the left hook, and that was the most perfect shot that you will ever see in life.

BC – It was the most devastating hook that I have ever seen. Were you concerned with Ricky Hatton's health at that point? It appeared that he was hurt very badly by that hook.

FR – Yea, you know he was knocked out before he hit the ground. He went down really hard, and we knew he wasn't going to get up after that. Manny is a great puncher at 140lbs now, the 8 weeks of hard work , and the game plan intact, he's is unbelievable at this point.

BC – Were you surprised at all by the little head movement that Ricky had?

FR – I thought he would have boxed him a little more. I knew he would come forward sooner or later, but he came forward right away. As soon as Manny closed the distance, it was over.

BC – Now all eyes are on a Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight. Mayweather just signed to fight Marquez. Are you surprised by the timing of all of this?

FR – Yes, all he had to do was wait one day, and he could have had Pacquiao. I don't think he wants Pacquiao. Marquez is a good fighter, but I think Mayweather is too big for him. I am surprised by this and it's unfortunate because the people want to see him fight Manny.

BC – Do you think Bob Arum and team Pacquiao will wait to see what happens with Mayweather vs Marquez, or will you guys move on to other options like a Shane Mosley for example?

FR – Were not going to wait for anybody. We are the one's on top right now, we don't need him, he needs us. We will fight again in Nov or Dec, we don't know who yet. We will negotiate and whatever brings the biggest money, that's who we will fight.

BC – When you compare Manny where he is now as a fighter, to the guy that walked into your gym many years ago, do you see the most devastating fighter you have ever had, or in boxing period?

FR – Well he's still getting better. I am telling you, that you have not seen the best Manny Pacquiao yet, he's going to get better.

BC – What part of Manny's game do you think he can still get better at?

FR – Well at this point of his career, it depends on who he's fighting. We work on the weaknesses of our opponent. It's pretty much the strategy of the fight, and the game plan of the fight. Manny is a much more mature fighter now than he has ever been.

BC – Have you had a chance to talk to Floyd Sr yet, and if so, what did you guys say?

FR – I shook his hand after the fight, and that's it. I really don't care for the guy, and I have nothing to say to the guy.

BC – I think Manny spoke for you last night. Do you have any closing thoughts for the fans?

FR – I want to say thanks for the support for Manny Pacquiao. Look forward to getting in there again, and we'll see you down the road.


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