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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Vegas Blow Out: Pac-Man KOs Hitman in Two

I would like to remind everyone that there is nothing personal for this fight and we are just doing our job to give a good fight to the people and make them happy. -- Pacquiao

They call this the Battle of East and West. And our worlds will collide in the ring on Saturday night.. --Hatton

Manny Pacquaio wasted no time whatsoever as he landed hard straight shots early and then simply overwhelmed Ricky Hatton in the first round with two very punishing knock downs, the last coming at the end of the round (a dangerous time for a fighter to be hurt).

The second stanza started out with Ricky, his confidence badly shaken, resorting to roughhousing and manhandling. He was beginning to get back into the fight until Manny settled down and began landing hard lefts and rights from all angles until one backed up Ricky and served notice that the first round assault and battery would resume. Ricky, as is his wont, was unable to adjust to Manny’s all-out tenacious attack Then with just one second left in the round, Pac-Man caught Hitman with a fully leveraged left hook, and that was that as Ricky was unconscious before he hit the deck and remained so for several frightening minutes.

This was a scenario I did not expect. Though I did think Pac-Man would win, I expected some ebb and flow before Pac-Man would take control late in the fight. I did not expect the end to come in such a devastating and early fashion, particularly by a fighter moving up in weight.

With the loss, Hatton must seriously consider whether he wants to fight again. Knockouts like that can be career-enders for anyone and the way helooked on the canvas and walking back to his dressing room was worrisome to say the least.

Manny Pacquiao (now 49-3, with 37 KOs) continues to notch big names on his belt and continues to affirm the fact that he is the best P4P fighter in the world. Should Floyd Mayweather Jr. get by Juan Manuel Marquez in July (and I think he will), the right fight for both PBF and Pacquiao (and for the fans) would be against one another--and I already have a hunch as to who will win.


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