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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Hatton on the weakness of Pacquiao

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The Telegraph asked Ricky Hatton, without revealing his game plan, what he has seen he could exploit when he meets Manny Pacquiao in the ring in five days' time ?

"I don't think Manny has the best defence in the world. I know I don't either, but I've been watching a lot of tapes of his fights, studying him very closely with Lee Beard, and he gets hit a fair few times himself, and he has been shaken up in fights, and he has been stopped with body shots in the past by smaller men and men who are not naturally as aggressive as Ricky Hatton."

"Or for that matter, as big, strong and aggressive as Ricky Hatton. There will be chances there, and is he going to be able to take it ?

Of course, I understand he has very very fast hands, that south paw stance, a tricky 'in and out' style and I know I will have to take a shot, but all things considered, the way I am better defensively now, faster hands, setting up my attacks, my angles are better, with my all round skills I think I have an answer in every single department."

When Manny attacks, he runs in off balance, loads up with the left and sometimes misses. I think he is there to hit then, and if I hit him..."

Floyd Mayweather, Hatton's trainer, has also said quite openly that there is a plan "to go downstairs" in the fight. And that means bodyshots. The danger is it may leave Hatton open on the counter, or to upper cuts, which Pacquiao may employ effectively - with the left hand - in this fight.

In four hours I am meeting Ricky Hatton with other members of the British press for our regular Monday evening meeting on fight week...All is quiet at the moment in the MGM Grand, but tomorrow, it will begin to heat up. Look out for a small report on this evening's proceedings with Hatton...

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