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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shane Mosley awaits Pacquiao vs. Hatton winner

Weltereight champ Shane Mosley and heavyweight star Chris Arreola were at Planet Bar-Rio in Houston on Friday night to attend a local boxing event. A crowded, smoke-filled large bar hosted several boxing matches, with the DJ mixing in songs here and there between fights. That was a new experience . . .

The champ looked great. He has a spring in his step. He was surrounded by autograph and photo-up seekers. He is stalking the winner of Pacquiao vs. Hatton.

T Minus Three Days

T minus three days and counting before the verbal jabs, the critics, media articles, and training make way for the only thing that really matters: Pacquiao and Hatton going on a nasty scrap in the middle of a Vegas ring. Nothing else matters. Not Roach's and Mayweather, Sr's professed disdain for each other. Not the promoters. Not the journalists. Not the hordes of admirers. Not the groupies. Saturday evening, only two boxers matter.

I will be a few rows from both men, in the media section, and surely will be highly attuned to all the movement nuances and body language that occurs in a world championship boxing fight.

Mosley Stalking Pacman vs. Hitman Winner

In an interview with the 13th round, Mosley expressed his desire to fight the winner of Pacquiao vs. Hatton. Such a bout would be a mega event considering Mosley's has earned almost universal praise from boxing and sports fans impressed by his boxing abilities, speed, and power. To be sure, Mosley demolished former champ Antonio Margarito, who previously defeated Miguel Cotto.

Mosley states that Manny Pacquiao is willing to fight him, should the latter win his bout against the Englishman Hatton on May 2nd. I do not believe Bob Arum would ever pit Manny against Mosley, who weighs in during his bouts at 160 lbs, while Manny weighs in at 148 lbs at best.

If Pacquiao does, however, fight Sugar Shane Mosley for a welterweight belt at 147 lbs., and be victorious, that would be an accomplishment that no boxer in history has ever achieved: win titles in four different weight classes from the original eight weight classes.


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