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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

PACQUIAO WATCH: Hatton will fall like the London bridge

NOT to disparage the Englishman but comes Sunday Manila time, he will meet is match and get outclassed in the weight he believes he is the king.

If Paul Malignaggi was the barometer of speed when Hatton claims he can outbox a foxy opponent, then he is dead wrong.

Malignaggi was quick but was not speedy.

The guy whom he beat by TKO in the 11th round on November 22 last year is not in the class of Filipino terror-in-the-ring Manny Pacquiao.

Malignaggi was quick with his feet and hands but he does not possess the leverage and power of Pacquiao.

So many of Manny’s past opponents have belittled his speed and punching power until they come across him atop the ring.

Hatton is falling into the same false sense of confidence.

Manny does not dance around like Malignaggi and the Englishman’s lone tormentor Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Manny jackrabbits his pace and has a rear gear as fast as his top speed.

He will soon find that out on Sunday.

Unless Hatton possesses the same guile and speed of hands as Juan Marquez does, he will realize that Pacquiao is not an easy target to hit bullseye.

Manny is not a stationary target as the dart board in Hatton’s renowned pub house in Manchester, England.

Manny does not come at him straight forward as an orthodox power puncher.

He comes with blinding speed and his punches are as unpredictable as the weather in England.

Manny will not be as intimated as Malignaggi over Hatton’s bullying tactics and vaunted body punches.

Manny knows how to fight bigger opponents as proven in most of his latest victories.

The only guys he ever fought who went up his weight over the last five years were Oscar Larios and Jorge Solis, when Manny has yet to blossom into a complete boxer that he is now.

Don’t ever believe Floyd Mayweather Sr. that he has found the perfect counterfoil to Manny’s unpredictable ways atop the ring.

Remember Erik Morales who said many cannot fight going backwards?

Well, Manny floored him with a left hook while backpedaling and his back against the rope during their grudge fight.

Has anyone ever cornered Manny more than 10 seconds and connected five power punches in a row?

No one.

And Hatton will not likely be the one to do it.


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