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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mayweather comeback, Pacquiao jackpot could turn Fitty Cent into Dollar Bill

The about to be announced Floyd Mayweather Comeback Tour 2009 and big bonanza bouts including a Pretty Boy-Pinoy Idol megabout could benefit Floyd's homie, the rapper Fitty Cent.

Should Mayweather share any of his newfound wealth with Fitty and the G-Unit crew, and not have to render it all to the pesky IRS, the rapper might move up and become known as Dollar Bill. Hey, that's a half buck advance for the rap superstar, isn't it?

The usual inflamed sources tell me that Golden Boy Promotions will use the huge platform of the Ricky Hatton-Manny Pacquiao Big Fight Weekend to make the formal announcement that Floyd Mayweather Jr. will launch his comeback against Pacman “stalker” and Mexican ringmaster Juan Manuel Marquez.

While this is a compelling matchup, I must admit that I don’t get the viability in the ring of a fight between the world’s best lightweight boxer and a true, full-fledged welterweight. But it can and will be said that ring history is replete with wonderful matches between guys who moved up for 135 pounds to 140 or on to the welterweight limit of 147 pounds.

In fact, Manny Pacquiao rings that historic bell for ringing all of Oscar De La Hoya’s bells last Dec. 6.

Though there was much discussion about the unbeaten Mayweather, coming back to have one “warmup” bout and then to hopefully fight the man who has usurped the Pound For Pound king crown in his absence meaning Manny, throwing punches in bunches come July 11. It appears that this did not work out for economic reasons and Juan Ma-Pretty Boy Floyd will be the Mexican Independence Day theme main event in Las Vegas Sept. 12 or 19.

We can all agree that facing superb counterpuncher Marquez, although he is much smaller than PBF, is not what one would normally label a “warmup” bout for anyone.

But that’s why Mayweather is a great one, because he does big and great things.

Mayweather has an alliance with Golden Boy through his ubiquitous adviser Al Haymon. I have reported recently, as have others, that Mayweather has been flirting with a third rich guy, promoter Don King.

The King-Mayweather dalliance may just be a teaser. The "romance" has been so public the cruel Mayweather may have done so just to torture Pacman's promoter, his ex-promoter and a guy that Floyd really despises named Robert Arum. That enmity runs both ways.

If Marquez is his chosen comeback bout foe, Mayweather will be facing a Juan Ma who never looked better than he did in his last fought. Marquez wound up completely overwhelming solid fighter Juan “Baby Bull” Diaz right in his own hometown of Houston.

Perhaps the thinking here is that, while a Mayweather-Pacquaio bout could be a financial record breaker, a third bout against JMM is not exactly chopped liver.

The only fly in the ointment would be Hatton making the odds makers and media look to be fools by beating Megamanny.

Here again, Oscar and the Golden Boys would not object since they promote Ricky and only have a slice of Manny money through their settlement with Top Rank.

So a miracle victory by Hatton would set up a Golden bonanza against the Mayweather-Marquez winner because Hatton’s loss to Pretty Boy would virtually be erased in the minds of many if not Manny.

This just in: the Golden Boys are giving some consideration to waiting until a few days after Manny and Ricky handle their business to bring out Mayweather and Marquez.

Either way, 2009 continues to shape up as a fight fan’s dream year.


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