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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Was Ledwaba posing as black man when Manny Pacquiao beat him?

This could be the break, the relief, that Anotonio Margarito has been looking for.

It may cause people to forget, at least temporarily, the loaded handwrap case in the Sugar Shane Mosley fight.

In case you missed it, Mosley beat Margocheato like a drum in Los Angeles.

The old plaster of Paris trick with the handwraps caused the California commission to ban both Margo and his jive ass trainer Javier Capetillo.

I am asking for an immediate, international boxing probe into the murky case of former Manny Pacquiao foe Lehlonolo Ledwada.

In light of Nate Campbell trainer and former junior middleweight champion John David Jackson alleging that Pacman is prejudiced and is not willing to turn black boxers black and blue the punishing way he has done to fighters of other races.

I strongly suspect (see Colin Seymour’s piece on Jackson’s bloviating) that the so-called black South African is not black at all.

When Pacman pounded Ledwaba all about the MGM Grand ring in Las Vegas eight long years ago, most believed based on his skin tone and photographs that LL is indeed a black man. Look closely and you see he appears to be as black as a lump of coal.

He even looked incredibly black after Pacman lumped him up.

That’s what we all thought but, in light of Jackson’s cry of bigotry or at least his charge that Megamanny avoids opponents of a darker hue, I think a full-scale genetic investigation is in order.

Has this supposed black South African fooled us? Is his skin pigmentation black or is that makeup? We all know what cosmetic tricks they pull in those big movies.

But look at this photo yourself. Judge for yourself. If Pacman ducks and dodges black fighters was this an optical illusion?

Who knew what and when did they know it. Was the old “Skin Game” run on an unsuspecting public and HBO?

I asked South African promoter and lifelong Caucasian Cedric Kushner.

“I find it puzzling myself because Ledwaba, every time I’ve met or seen him, looks to me to be man with very black skin. I think he was black before, during and after he got whipped by Pacman. But, hey, I am no expert on these matters.”

Don't use Kushner as any racial barometer. H tolde me his personal hero, Nelson Mandela, was/is black and look where that led.

Let’s lay off Margarito. Let’s zero in on the possible black man masquerade of Lehonolo Ledwaba and a possible racial conspiracy involving Manny Pacquiao.

If memory serves, Pacman’s promoter in that time was Murad Muhammad. As far as I know, Murad is a real African American but I’ve been wrong before.

I would be shocked to discover that Murad was involved in any such skullduggery, shocked I say.

Come to think of it, now I guess we know why you never see Manny pounding someone with black gloves.

I really hate it when such virulent racism, prejudice and bigotry permeates boxing, don't you?

Well, in the Age of Obama, it's all coming out of the closet.

Manny Pacquiao's boxing bigory fully exposed.


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