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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Head to Head Analysis: Pacquiao vs Hatton

A side by side look at Ricky Hatton vs Manny Pacquiao in several major categories: Speed, Skills, Chin, Defense, etc. After a comprehensive look TheLiverpuncher rates each fighter and gives his official prediction for the fight! Be sure to get your official prediction in the league to see if you can top "The Liverpuncher" predictions! The predictions polls close at 4PM PST the day of the fight. As of right now Ricky Hatton only has 24% of the vote. Will the actual fight be that one sided? Read on to find out…Keep in mind this is the last fight of the fantasy league season, get your prediction in here. Good luck to all of you!

Skills: Both fighters have very good skills and not many flaws. Since the first fight with Juan Manuel Marquez, Pacquiao has learned a few more tricks other than the devastating straight left hand. Ricky was a person born to fight with many natural talents. Against Pauli Malignaggi, Hatton was able to show marked improvement in what was just his first fight with new trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. However, was that fight enough time to pick up enough skill to top Pacquiao?
Edge: Pacquiao

Power: Ricky Hatton may not have the skill of Pacquiao, but what he lacks in skill, this British Bull Dog makes up in power. Its not just the debilitating left hooks to the liver as seen here against Jose Luis Castillo, but it’s the constant pressure he applies that had legends like Kostya Tzyu moving away the entire night. Also, Ricky has fought very strong 140 pounders like the Colombian banger Juan Urango and active welterweights like Luis Collazo. With that said, Pacquiao does have one punch that could stop Hatton in his tracks – keep an eye on his straight left.
Edge: Hatton

Speed: Pacquiao doesn’t just have the fastest hands in boxing, he is also fleet of foot. After the De La Hoya fight Freddie Roach told the press, “I told you we would win with speed, but I didn’t tell you it was going to be foot speed”. However, Floyd Mayweather Sr. has been teaching Ricky how to neutralize speed with timing.
Edge: Pacquiao

Defense: Neither fighter is very hard to find. Although Pacquiao is able to get in and out with much more regularity than Hatton. Floyd Mayweather Jr. was able to pot-shot Ricky the entire fight. Ricky did show more head movement against Malignaggi; he will need more of that against Pacquiao..
Edge: Pacquiao

Experience: They are both the same age, and they both fought at the highest levels of the sport. Hatton has seen the best from Mayweather Jr. and Pacquiao has seen every trick in the book in two fights against Juan Manuel Marquez.
Edge: Neither

Chin: Both men have been hurt in the ring and this is because they are both willing to take the risks of being hit while pursuing their opponent. Juan Manuel Marquez was able to stun Pacquiao early in the fight and Hatton was stopped with a Mayweather left hook.
Edge: Neither

Conditioning: Neither fighter has ever shown fatigue in a major fight. They should both be coming into the ring ready for a full 12 rounds.

Edge: Neither

Wear-and-tear: Both fighters are at the top of their game. They are the same age and have boxed almost an identical number of rounds in their career (Pacquiao 291 vs Hatton 274). However Hatton’s rough and tumble style has put more miles on his engine. Coupled with the fact that Hatton tends to let himself go in between fights which can also lead to a decline later in a fighters career. Pacquiao on the other hand appears to be able to fight anytime, anywhere.

Edge: Pacquiao
Outcome: This analysis shows that Pacquiao has the edge in Skill, Speed, Defense, and Wear-and-Tear. I believe the biggest factors will be skill and speed. Manny just has too much of both. Against Mayweather, we saw that Hatton had trouble dealing with a faster fighter. Manny may not be as strong as Hatton, but you can’t hit what you can’t see. Expect Pacquiao to pick Hatton apart with sharp combinations, moving in and out with blinding speed. Hatton may last the distance, but will probably end the fight just before the finish line.

Prediction: Pacquiao in 11


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