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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Juan Ma's Pacquiao pity party ends when he fights Floyd Mayweather

Uma Thurman had one. Now Tyra Banks is trying to get hers locked up. Obsessive stalkers seem to go with the crazy territory for international celebrities I guess.

I refe to the ones who are not celery stalkers but obsessed maniacs who fixate on one person and get carried away…sometimes carried away in handcuffs.

But here’s good news for Pinoy Idol Manny Pacquiao. After he presumably disposes of pesky Ricky Hatton this Saturday night, the Pacman will be able to go on holiday with wife Jinkee and the kids and not have to be worried about his stalker.

Pacman might even be able to let his security “minders” take some R & R time for themselves.

Manny’s Mexican stalker, formidable fighter Juan Manuel Marquez, will be forced to put aside his bad habit of stalking Megamanny because his counterpunching hands will be full with a July 18 bout against unbeaten Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Any minute now Golden Boy Promotions will announce that the nonpareil Floyd will end his retirement against Juan Ma, who has fought to a draw and a loss, both of them controversial endings for slightly different reasons, against Pacman.

I can’t figure why the midsummer date is important when they would do much better financially to put it off until after Labor Day but, hey I just work here.

So, with his preparations for Mayweather consuming every waking hour, perhaps Juan Ma won’t do his usual “I Want My Manny” whining. If he does, Mayweather could knock him from mid-July into the end of November.

Personally, I think Marquez is too much of a midget to beat Mayweather but, hey, what I do know? I am the guy who said Pacman would spin, fold and mutilate that Oscar de la Hoya character who Hatton now refers to as just “an old punch bag.”

As noted herein previously, Hatton wasn’t mocking Oscar BEFORE Pacman pulverized him. In fact, he and his ribbon clerks were negotiating a fight in which Oscar might have to come to Jolly Old England to beat Ricky up for fun and profit.

But that is another thread to the whole fistic soap opera…

You could make a telenovela, as they call the soaps in Mexico, out of Marquez’s pining away for another chance at Manny. He even made a trip to the Philippines to plead his case in a scratchy, begging manner.

Some fans, not all of them Pacnuthuggers, have been so turned off by Juan Ma’s Pity Party that they do not want to see Manny grant him a third bout.

On the other hand, Juan Ma was absolutely brilliant in cutting down the very talented Juan Diaz. You have to give Nacho Beristain’s well-schooled fighter that.

So Pacman may have lost one stalker from his celebrity life, at least temporarily.

If Matquez loses badly to PBF, he hurts but does not ruin his Pac Fight Number 3 chances.

If he beats PBF, he climbs out of the back seat and you can be sure that Juan Ma-Manny, Chapter 3, will happen and that it will be gigantic.

I wonder if Pacman will miss Juan Ma’s stalking.


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