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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hatton Believes He Should Be Rated At #1 P-4-P If He Beats Pacquiao

Ricky Hatton believes he is one win away from becoming ranked as the best boxer in the sport, pound-for-pound. A win over Manny Pacquiao, the man who currently holds the mythical title, will do it for him, "The Hitman" believes. Not everyone agrees, though. Indeed, when it comes to ranking the best P-4-P boxer in the sport there are a lot of factors to be dealt with and, at the end of the day, such lists are down to an individual's opinion and nothing more..

It has been argued by fans, many of them on this very web site, that Hatton will NOT automatically be placed at #1 in the illustrious top-ten if he manages to upset "Pac-Man." And these fans have made many good points as to why Hatton shouldn't be put at the top of the pile. Shouldn't Juan Manuel Marquez, the man most experts have at #2 right now, go to the top if Pacquiao is beaten? The Mexican star is a better fighter than Hatton, right? At least pound-for-pound he is. Or how about Shane Mosley, or Paul Williams? Begging Hatton's pardon, but right now these fighters, and a few others, reside higher than he does in the P-4-P lists, and even if Hatton does manage to pull off one awesome win over the Filipino legend he will not have done enough to deserve to be ranked higher than these men.

Not to try and take anything away from a Hatton victory over Pacquiao - if he is actually able to get one - but the pound-for-pound lists we all enjoy reading do not work the way Hatton seems to think they do. Another annoying thing that some UK writers have also picked up on, is the way SKY TV (who have exclusive rights in the UK) are hyping and advertising the May 2nd bout. They are calling the fight a fight to decide "The Pound-For-Pound Championship" Hatton himself appears in the advert and says the title he really wants, the P-4-P one, is a title that "weighs nothing at all."

Again, Ricky will NOT automatically move up above Pacquiao and be crowned with the mythical title if he beats Manny. The fight is huge enough as it is, SKY should not be attempting to make it even bigger.

Still, as he told the media after his recent workout in Las Vegas, Hatton truly believes he should go to #1 in such lists if he beats the Filipino southpaw.

"I hope to claim the number one pound-for-pound slot," Hatton said. "Manny has beaten Juan Manuel Marquez, the pound-for-pound number two, twice. If I beat Manny Pacquiao, I believe I should go to the top pound-for-pound spot in the world. If I do what I do best, I will have too much in every area for Manny."

Maybe Hatton feeds himself with extra motivation to win against Pacquiao by telling himself he will be the best fighter on the planet, P-4-P if he beats Pacquiao. Heaven knows, he shouldn't need any more motivation, and the sole thought of beating "Pac-Man" should more than suffice. But, as we know, all fighters pump themselves up in different ways.

IF Hatton can beat Pacquiao he will have scored his career-best win and this should put him in most people's P-4-P lists - but no way will he be at the very top.


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