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Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's a tie between Pacquiao and Hatton

For the past decade or so, anyone that has followed the sport, I take that back, even if you didn't follow the sport, everyone knew that Oscar De La Hoya was the straw that stirred the drink. Anytime that Oscar fought, it became more than a fight, it was an event. Point blank, the man put butts in seats. During Oscar's run, he set Pay Per View records that may never be broken.

Yesterday, the man we all grew to love, called it a career. The final curtain has dropped. As I watched his speech on the tube, I then began to think back at all of his fights, just like that the Oscar De La Hoya highlight reel replayed in my mind. A part of me felt anger, after all how could one walk away from the sport knowing that the last time you fought you lost so brutally?

After speaking to Oscar on Friday night, I remember leaving the Desert Diamond Casino thinking that his body looked like that of someone who has been training to go on, but his mind and eyes said otherwise. At one point, I actually thought that Oscar was going to announce that win, lose, or draw he would be fighting one last time against Felix Sturm at 154 pounds at the Staples Center. I thought I had it all figured out, I even thought that it would take place sometime in September, I even had the name picked out, Unfinished Business, so I thought, turns out that the Golden Boy's business inside the ring as a fighter is now finished.

So with the cash cow exiting the sport, the Pay Per View King has now left the building. Who now will take the title as the new Pay Per View King? Here is my list of the top 5 fighters that have the potential of taking the crown that the Golden Goose has left for the taking.

5- Christobal Arreola- What's not to like about Chris? He bangs, he loves to entertain, and is a heavyweight. If Arreola continues to knock heads off and stays away from the buffet line, Arreola may be the man to help bring the hevyweight division back.

4- James Kirkland- Yes, I know that he is young, and yes I know that he needs to be polished a bit more, but no doubt about it that Kirkland is a diamond in the rough. If Kirkland continues to bruise up and batter the opposition with the ferocity in which he is curently doing, this human wrecking ball has the attitude and look of being like Mike. Mike Tyson back then was a complete fighting machine with head movement and all, something that Kirkland needs to learn, Mike had that attitude and menacing look that Kirkland now has that made Tyson must see T.V.

3- Victor Ortiz- Another young gem added to the mix, Vicious Vic has all the makings of sitting in the Golden throne. Ortiz like Oscar is considered good looking, Ortiz like Oscar is well spoken and like Oscar seems to have that golden smile. It also doesn't hurt that Oscar is Ortiz's boss. The youth and the rough background rags to riches story all seem to be there, maybe one day it will all come together and make the Vicious One the Chosen One.

2- Floyd Mayweather Jr- It says here that he is retired, but come July all that may change. Money May is not always entertaining, because of that, Money May has always needed a big name opposite of him to make it big. One thing he can do is talk, he sure knows how to sell himself. With that I don't give a F flashy attitude he just may be America's favorite villain. Now if only we could get him to fight as well as he talks.

1- Tie between Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton-

Everytime that Hatton fights no matter where it may be the scene turns into a Hatton Winter Wonderland. The legion of fans follow their man along with the marching band and sing it loud that there is only one Ricky Hatton. As for Pacquiao, the man is bigger than the President in the Phillipines, when the Pac-Man fights he shuts down the entire country, these two men do not just have fans they have fanatics. On May 2nd., both men along with their legions of fans will collide, something tells me that the pound for pound title won't be the only title up for grabs.


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