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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

'New Hatton' boasts of quickness, power

MANILA, Philippines - If you think Manny Pacquiao is fast, wait till you see Ricky Hatton.

The new Ricky Hatton.

In the first episode of HBO’s Pacquiao vs. Hatton 24/7, a four-part, four-week series that gave the cable giant all the access it needed to cover the training of the two boxers, Hatton has displayed quickness never seen from him before.

Under the guidance of his new trainer, Floyd Mayweather Sr., Hatton believes that the only way to beat Pacquiao is to match his speed. According to British superstar, no one, not even Pacquiao, can match his power at 140 lbs.

“It was a case of, after seven weeks in training camp, ‘bang, look at me, a new fighter,’” Hatton said in a Times Online article that came out yesterday.

“It has been miles better this time with Floyd,” added Hatton, in the last three weeks of training at the IBA Gym in Las Vegas, the same gym Pacquiao uses when he’s there.

“The more time you spend with him, you get used to him. I’m faster now than how I was at the end of the last training camp,” said Hatton, in his second fight under Mayweather.

The Times Online article added that Hatton, under Mayweather, has given a little on strengthening (which he’d always done under Billy Graham), and has focused on “speed and sharpness.”

The HBO series, which came off the racks the other day, showed Hatton in training, trying to develop and hone his speed.

But Pacquiao doesn’t believe that 10, 12 or 13 weeks of training under Mayweather can change or make Hatton a new fighter.

“Sa tingin ko ‘yun pa din ‘yung Hatton na makakalaban ko (I think it’s the same Hatton I’d be up against),” said Pacquiao in recent interviews.

And that’s the Hatton he knows, always there in front of you, moving in, trying to wrestle his opponent. The British superstar is notorious for holding and hitting, and may work like an octopus.

“Hindi naman nila mababago ang style nila ganoon kabilis (They can’t change their style overnight),” said Pacquiao, still confident that come May 2, at the MGM Grand, Hatton will always be one step behind.


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