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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pacman can absorb punishment - trainer

HOLLYWOOD – Not even Ricky Hatton’s killer punch, his left hook either to the head or body, should give Manny Pacquiao sleepless nights here in LA.

“That’s gonna be the least of Manny’s worries,” said Alex Ariza, the conditioning coach whose main task is to make sure that Pacquiao is in tip-top shape during training and on fight night.

“I’m rating him at a hundred percent. And numbers don’t lie,” he said after watching Pacquiao train for three hours at the gym under Buboy Fernandez, Nonoy Neri and ex-heavyweight champ Michael Moorer.

Freddie Roach was away in Puerto Rico to man Gerry Peñalosa’s corner when he shoots for Juan Manuel Lopez’ IBO super-bantanweight crown. Roach should be back with Pacquiao on Monday.

“We’re making sure that Manny will be stronger on that night, and Manny’s going to be so much more powerful,” Ariza said.

Hatton’s left hook, again whether it lands on the body or the head, has floored a number of his opponents, but Pacquiao is ready for that as he’s always been.

“Ako pa, sa katawan masasaktan? (Me getting hurt in the body?),” Pacquiao often says.

Ariza said Pacquiao has undergone a battery of tests during sparring, and would often let himself get hit in the body to further toughen himself up.

“Like (sparring partner) Urbano (Antillon) who is such a technician to the body. If you can handle Urbano for five rounds going to your body (as Pacquio does) then not even flinch then Hatton can’t bring anything Manny hasn’t seen in this camp,” said Ariza.

“He’s just so much powerful now than he was during the Oscar dela Hoya camp. And people will be surpised.”


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