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Monday, April 6, 2009

Pacquiao-Hatton: The Greatest Boxing Brains in the World Clashing.

With less than a month to go until Ricky Hatton takes on the best pound for pound fighter in the world Manny Pacquiao, in what promises to be the best fight of the year and maybe an all time classic. Unlike the last time Hatton took on the best pound for pound fighter in the world Floyd Mayweather Jr. Hatton has changed his strategy to become more of a boxer, less of a brawler. As Hatton prepares to enter the most famous boxing ring in the world at present times at the MGM which now he classifies as his spiritual home. Hatton’s final preparation is going to be vital to success with Hatton already in America spending more time than ever in the gym under the watchful eyes of Floyd Mayweather Sr. Hatton says he is already in top shape and ready to roll over Pacquiao.

Lets not look past the facts that not only are the two of the best boxers in the world going toe-to-toe, undoubtedly the two best trainers are doing the same with Floyd Mayweather Snr and Freddie Roach making this fight a lot more interesting than if Billy Graham was still in charge of Team Hatton. As both camps looked fantastic in their last outings, this adds a new dimension to this bout. We all know what to expect from Pacquiao but this isn’t the case for the British fan favorite Hitman Hatton. We know that the Hatton fan club, band and all will march their way into Vegas but which Hatton will appear.

The basics about this bout, with Hatton being the more natural at this weight being the bigger and more stronger opponent, but this was the case before Pacquiao systematically destroyed and all but ended the living legend Oscar De La Hoya’s career. Pacquiao looked his best and no fighter could have beaten or even gone the distance with him on that night including Hatton. Hatton in the past years wouldn’t know how to take a step back meaning the Mancunian fighter would come forward consonantly on the attack making him worse for wear, now he has the Mayweather Snr defensive aspect and will need it against Pacquiao, he will need to be defensively superior and will need to utilize all of this new found skill.

As Team Hatton knows that as the fight progresses Pacquiao comes into his element and it would come down to Hatton needing to change his range utilizing his jab that proved so effect against Malignaggi last time around. Hatton needs to slow the fight’s pace down because as soon as Pacquiao hits all cylinders no matter the quality of Hatton’s defensive abilities Pacquiao will find a way through it, in devastating fashion. I don’t think this fight will come down to one grandstand finish punch, rather who stays the more composed and if Hatton can stay relaxed changing his range, working everything off the jab then he can reap the rewards, but a lot will be down to how each of these fantastic boxers trainers will view this, as this isn’t going to be an all out slog fest like people believe, it will undoubtedly be a tactical affair with some of the greatest boxing brains in the world clashing.

Hatton has too remember he’s got to this level due to his ferociousness and a heart of a champion so must balance the offensive with defense as if he tries to make this into an overly defensive affair then eventually he will get tagged by a shot like he has never experienced before, he should be working on making is opponent miss then making him pay! As I believe if he works on the counter, working his way in from boxing on the outside then he stands a chance on finally taking that elusive pound for pound king title. Don’t overlook the fact that he’s never lost as a light-welterweight and he won’t want to know especially with his IBO Light-Welterweight Title on the line.

Pacquiao although he is an inch shorter than Hatton can box tall when he needs to and has a slight reach advantage. This bout offers the old orthodox (Hatton) versus southpaw (Pacquiao) affair that has proved just too much for so many greats in the past to overcome and adapt to. But Freddie Roach’s comments about his boxer knocking out Hatton within three rounds is just to add a psychological aspect to this, he knows that this isn’t the case, as it is more likely for the “Hitman” to win within the first three rounds than Pacquiao ,either-way I cannot see this going the full twelve rounds. Watch this space though as this fight is seriously not to be missed as one of these great boxers has to lose, I’m going with the Mancunian Hatton to win this fight by a TKO.


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