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Monday, April 20, 2009

‘Hatton has the perfect weapon to beat Pacquiao’

MANILA, Philippines – If there’s somebody out there who’s got the tools to bring down Filipino superstar Manny Pacquiao, it’s gotta be Ricky Hatton.

So says Hall of Fame trainer Angelo Dundee, who served as special consultant to Oscar De La Hoya last year when the “Golden Boy" took on – and received the worst beating of his career from – Pacquiao.

“If ever there is a fighter that could beat Manny Pacquiao it is Ricky Hatton," Dundee said in an interview with The Sweet Science.

The Hitman’s aggressive nature and jarring left hooks would serve him well against the reigning pound for pound king, a southpaw.

“Aggressiveness, Hatton will take it to him. It takes the awkwardness out of the southpaw if you take it to him. And Hatton has the best punch to beat a southpaw - the left hook," noted Dundee, who has worked on the corners of 15 world champions, led by Muhammad Ali, Carmen Basilio and Sugar Ray Leonard.

Now 87 years old, Dundee said his long experience with southpaws and how the left hook beats them makes him side with the forward-moving and stronger Hatton in his May 2 “Battle of East and West" megafight with Pacquiao.

“Hatton said it himself: he is bigger, and stronger. Pacquiao is quicker. But I give Hatton a great shot to win. It is because of the style. You take it to the southpaw. I handled six southpaws, that is how I know. I handled the best southpaw in the world, Michael Nunn. But he got hit with that left hook from James Toney. You see, that is the punch. So they will make it a great fight. And I give Ricky a great shot to win," he explained.

But then again, this came from the same man who also said that De La Hoya got the style to beat Pacquiao last year. –GMANews.TV


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