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Monday, April 20, 2009

King J Gives HBO 24/7 Hatton VS Pacquiao Episode 2 a Grade Of B+

King J Gives HBO's 24/7 Hatton VS Pacquiao Episode 2 a grade of B+.

In this epsiode we see a deeper insight into the lives of both fighter's training camps and more so their trainer's lives.

We learn how Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach came from very humble beginnings and still feels that his Wild Card gym should be a "REAL" escape from the fake Hollywood scene that surrounds it.

Roach tells the amazing story how he was working as a telemarketer and happened to come across actor Mickey Rourke on the end of a phone call which led to their relationship as Roach training Rourke for seven fights and pushing him to give him his 100 percent in training.

Rourke, ends up giving his gym and equipment to Roach which is now the famous Wild Card gym that trained so many famous champions.

Actor Mark Walberg states that everyone is on the same level whenever you are here at the Wild Card gym except for the champion Pacquiao as he was standing next to Batman/Terminator Killer Christian Bale.

We see that the Wild Card gym is now taking much more strict measures to block out all distractions and fans from Pacquiao's training when Roach states, that even if his own mom was here he'd throw her out.

Assistant trainer Michael Moore even invokes the $1 Rule, making all people who lean past the counter pay $1 for each violation.

Pacquiao continues to batter his sparring partners this time flooring an opponent with a vicious body shot. The opponent is down and can not get up and can not even move.

Floyd "Joy" Mayweather senior takes a 20minute commute each morning to the gym where he trains Ricky Hatton. Mayweather just like his son Pretty Boy are both known for having poor eating habits of junk food. Joy shows us this by eating Taco Bell on his way to the gym and then boasts that he has a lean, athletic build despite eating cake, candy bars, Kool Aid, cookies every morning at the age of 56.

Joy then reminds us that he could of been great as a pro fighter but his run was cut short due to getting shot in the leg by a shot gun while holding his son.

We finally get to see who makes up the members of Ricky Hatton's personal entourage such as his brother Matthew whos also fighting on the under card come May 2nd, as well as his manager and agent.

Hatton's mother even expresses that the Hatton men prefer taller women as we meet Ricky's fiance Jennifer who is 5'10" and towers over Ricky. We also see Ricky's son who's favorite band is OASIS, who walked Hatton into his ring entrance for his last fight.

We see Hatton doing road work at the highest point in Las Vegas: Mt Charleston. It is definitely refreshing to see these parts of Vegas that never really get much exposure.

Hatton hits the pads this time with more conviction and more intensely than he did in epsiode one. I personally would love to see Hatton sparring as we get to see Pacquiao spar, but I am not sure if we will get that privilege at all since the Mayweathers are known for never allowing their sparring to be taped?

I give this episode a B+ for it was far more intriguing showing us how Freddie Roach got to where he is. The chemistry between Roach and Moore seems to be working out for the good as they choreograph moves and study and review old fight tapes of Hatton.

Floyd "Joy" Mayweather actually humbles up a bit for one second to express how blessed he is and how he longs to hopefully one day restrengthen his relationship with his son Pretty Boy.

I want to personally thank Ricky Hatton for not exposing his thong again to us in this episode as well.

This fight is generating serious buzz and momentum. It has fight of the year written all over it. Where will you be when this fight is happening?

I will be ringside.


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