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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No Butt about It, Hatton Needs to Strike Early

They are already applauding the great episode of HBO’s 24/7 shown Saturday night, now as fight week nears and training goes into final gear. We need to focus on what’s really going to happen in the ring on Saturday night May 2nd. With many words already exchanged between the two legendary trainers, both proclaiming their fighter will come out on top. Mayweather Senior the part time poet says without a doubt it’s all Hatton, a early knockout is his prediction. Well Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach says a early round knock out is in the cards as well, however his fighter will be the one doing the knocking out part.

Hatton and Mayweather Senior seem to be blending and are on the same page, Hatton as shown on 24/7 make no butts about it either. The addition of Mayweather to team Hatton has not only has helped him with improving his boxing skills but seems to have also helped Hatton feel more at ease in the bright lights of Vegas.

As I wrote a few weeks back that Hatton’s best chance for victory is just like Mayweather predicts, strike early and strike once. Hatton while fresh needs to look for the right moment in the first two rounds to load up and go for the one punch knockout. As the fight goes on Pacquiao’s chances only increase, he is the more pure boxer of the two and faster. We all know by know that speed kills in this game and in a longer fight Pacquiao will be able to get into a boxing mode that Hatton will not be able to defend. Simply look what happened to Hatton against Mayweather Junior, early on Hatton was in the fight but as the fight went on Mayweather Junior got into gear and was plucking away at Hatton. The vision is clear the same type of scenario can very likely happen here with Pacquiao out boxing Hatton and taking over the fight after the first few rounds.

This fight carries a lot of weight and has many other big name fighters watching, hoping to get their hands on the winner. The likes of Mosley, Marquez, Bradley and lets not forget about Floyd Junior all sitting on the side lines waiting to be called upon to take on the pound for pound champion. As this un-fold’s all of these names put together with Hatton or Pacquiao would make great matches and allow boxing to continue to build upon its great year. It gets very intriguing when you look at the potential matchups and all the intangibles.

Many fans are pumped and ready to go the HBO series 24/7 kicked us all into high gear with another great episode on Saturday night. The show reflected on how both men have great followings like no other before. Both carry their countries into the ring and Hatton said it best after the Mayweather lose he cried himself to bed for weeks. And for Pacquiao how the country shuts down on his fight nights or how millions honor him in parades all over the country after each one of his victories. It just goes to show you how much valor both men have and bring to their home lands.

No butt’s about it we are all in for intriguing matchup and a great next three weeks as fans from east to west start pumping up their fighters.

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